Wednesday, 25 November 2009

We might be constantly surrounded by fashion imagery. There's garments on models, on rails, in shelves, as cut-outs in magazines, on the person standing next to you..all somehow embedded in familiar commentary: information on the brand, price, where to get it from, what it will make you feel like, what you should be wearing it with...commentary that even claims to objectify taste ('this stunning dress...'). All of this is concerned with clothing and acquisition. You don't own it yet, but supposedly will be inspired to go out and buy it.

What however happens with garments once they've been bought or given to you? Once they have become part of your wardrobe..part of who you are even?
In a quest to get closer to answering the above I started looking for a sense of myself through the content of my wardrobe.

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  1. Do you find clothes have a personality then? Are they like people in some respects? Certainly we can have relationships to inanimate objects, so do you find that you turn to a particular garment / person when you feel a certain way or want to feel a certain way?

    How does the way you feel change when you acquire the person / object of your desire?

    And do our human relationships wear out in the same way as our clothing?

    Does this help?