Friday, 20 November 2009

I love shoes. Not like that though. I'm counting a modest 12 pairs of my own and none of them have a heel higher than 2inches. Apart from 3 pairs they used belong to somebody else and don't fit properly. My fascination with shoes stems from the fact that they convey an awful lot of information about a person. More subtle yet more revealing than a whole outfit. Have you ever been on a date with somebody where you just couldn't get over the other's bad footwear?

High heels are a blissful topic to the wider cultural context of Britain and essentially sociologically in the light of feminism. 'Where women behave like women' said Fanni Niemi-Junkula in a talk recently about her first impression of the UK. Whilst wearing heels is associated with power, I would opt to agree with Desmond Morris when he claims that through our ability to run (or even walk) being weakened, the male's instinct to protect is evoked'. It even became a political topic earlier this year, when at the TUC it was discussed whether heels are appropriate for a day job:
If women still feel the need to makes themselves physically taller in order to have a voice then I wondered how far we have evolved!? You might just like the colour on yours, like how they make your legs look longer or for them to enhance your posture (what's a supposedly straighter back compared to deformed feet and pain for the rest of your life though?) the end of the day, I am not against killer heels, I just don't think they makes us look too good...these ones don't, surely?

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