Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Skull scarf? You're still hanging round?


I thought to myself during a recent day trip:

'hello..you're still around? I haven't seen you in so long!'

as I spotted not one but three people having it draped around their necks

- the skull scarf!

With these women not appearing particularly fashion-forward to me, I immediately found myself hypothesising about the exact time it had taken for this catwalk trend to hit the high streets.
First shown so many seasons ago, of course it was Alexander McQueen.

But has it really taken over four years for this trend to be adopted by fashion laggards?

Yes and no.

No, because the scarves are back as we are paying tribute: Kyle is, Nicki Hilton is, of course Naomi is, and all other McQueen fans who are moaning the loss of a genius are. I suppose more than ever before this most iconic McQueen item appears to work particularly poignantly...as a memorial gesture.
You can get yours for £220 from his website.

Yes, because those three skull-scarf-featuring women may have heard of the name McQueen, but, that I dare to presume, they don't know what in the world his name would have to do with their scarves. They certainly aren't paying tribute.
You can get yours for £ 14 from Miss Selfridge.

Admittedly I never liked them in the first place.

But it's ok, Lee would understand, he certainly wouldn't wear one himself in 2010.

So, skull-scarf,

go away now,

would you!

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