Monday, 27 September 2010


The narrative of the video piece is based on a chart I created in response to my research into attachment theory. The chart depicts a fictitious cycle of how a period of dating may be experienced by individuals who are identified as ‘attachment-anxious’. This applies to people whose quest for love may be hindered by fear of rejection and abandonment. The chart is divided into two halves: cathecting/decathecting (the process of investing or withdrawing emotional energy in a person, idea or object), and subdivided further into 11 chapters using 11 metonyms :

Loneliness is the inability to relate to the world
Excitement is the disruption of organised mass
Vulnerability is open
Desire is an unanswered glimpse
Anticipation is magnified space
Control is a possession
Fear is cold
Disappointment is absence
Desperation is infected energy
Sadness is down
Loss is a full stop

With the exception of ‘Control is a possession’(1) and ‘Fear is cold’(2), all other chapters/
metonyms are devised concepts I based on personal associations and mental imagery.

1 Gibbs Jr. W. R and O’Brien, J. (1990). Idioms and Mental Imagery: The Metaphorical Motivation for Idiomatic
Meaning. In Altmann, G. (ed.), Cognition 36, 35-68. Elsevier
2 Lakoff, G. & Johnson, M. (1980). Metaphors we live by. Chicago: University of Chicago Press

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  1. Interesting diagram. I'll have to keep my eye on that and make sure I'm not manifesting one of those symptoms.

    On a related note: I designed a game called Rejection Therapy back in 2009 to overcome the fear of rejection.

    If anyone wants to try it, it's here: