Thursday, 4 February 2010

One and three Collars

Yes, in case you wonder, I have indeed stolen the title from Joseph Kosuth's 1965 piece One and Three Chairs, where he exhibits an actual chair, alongside a photograph of a chair and a sheet of paper with the dictionary entry defining the word 'chair'.. (

Whilst in One and Three Collars all objects are actual collars, the message of being a collar is transported on and perceived through at least one additional level. (241 Collars hence would have made another good title for the piece. perhaps)
The first print is using dictionary definitions of the word 'collar' (as well as the French equivalent 'col' and the German 'Kragen'), the one in the middle depicts my personal associations with a specific collar (a specific shirt rather, and thoughts and stories about when I was wearing it) in handwriting, whereas the last print is taken from a scan of a different collar including creases and its button.

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